Vietnamese Pho in the world

Vietnamese Pho is well received around the world, present in many countries such as Singapore, Japan, Australia, Germany, England, USA or Brazil, etc.

Referring to Vietnamese cuisine, most international visitors can mention the name of Pho, a nutritious, delicious specialty that can be eaten at any time of the day.

Pho is said to originate from Nam Dinh. Since the late 19th century, when the demand for beef of French people in Vietnam increased, leading to an excess of cow bones. The bones are then used by the Vietnamese to perfect the taste of pho.

Another idea is that Pho was born in Hanoi, a variation of buffalo disturbance – a simple dish with slices of buffalo meat cooked in a broth with rice noodles – creates an exquisite and balanced dish. Buffalo meat was gradually replaced by beef, added rice noodles, and seasoned with the broth until Hanoi Pho was born. By the 30s, the street vendors carrying pho became familiar images in the old streets of Hanoi.

Pho in Singapore

Vietnamese pho restaurants are present on many routes, culinary paradise of the lion island nation such as Ann Siang, Tanjong Pagar, until Joo Chiat and CBD. Other famous pho restaurants include Saigon Alley, Moc Quan, Pho 99 Vietnam Delight …

A popular address is Long Phung, serving dishes such as vermicelli, rice vermicelli, spring rolls and pho. Many people commented, the restaurant has a small area but is always crowded because of delicious food, if not booked, you may have to wait long. It serves beef noodle soup with rich broth and tender, non-chewy beef. Each bowl costs 7 SGD (120,000 VND).

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